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Bishop Elton Lott


Bishop Lott was born and raised in Greenville, Mississippi. He accepted Christ and was baptized at the Walnut Grove Missionary Baptist Church at the early age of nine. It was evident that the hand of the Lord was on him even as a child. During his childhood years, Bishop Lott was a member of a local gospel group "The Interfaith Singers" of Greenville MS. Although he was raised in a God-fearing home, it was his love for music that drew him to a close relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He traveled extensively with this group across many state lines such as Atlanta GA., Chicago IL., Tulsa OK, at Oral Roberts University, and many other places ministering the word of God through song. Prophesy was spoken into his life at the age of sixteen, declaring he would preach the word of God under the anointed power of the HOLY GHOST. 

Bishop Lott heard the voice and instructions of God telling him to enter the United States Air Force in 1980 after graduating from Greenville High School in 1978 and attending Mississippi Delta Junior College in Moorhead MS and it was then that his life plans were altered. His obedience gave way to many opportunities to minister God's word. He directed choirs at numerous bases including Eglin AFB in FL., Bitburg AFB in Germany, England, Turkey, Michigan, and New Mexico. Many lives have been touched by his ministry. His fervent spirit acquired him the name of "FIREBALL." 


In December 1994 Bishop Lott answered the call to preach the word of God. He was ordained as an Elder in February 2002. Without a doubt, he was not just called, but "chosen" to this work. He has conducted several revivals and he's preaching throughout the United States. The Temple of Praise Ministries where he is the founder and Pastor was birthed in August of 2004 here in San Antonio, Texas. He is a loving father to two wonderful girls, Chené and La'Kia, and a husband to a beautiful wife, Carolyn J. Lott.


Make ready now, for his season is here and the harvest is yet plentiful. In the words of Bishop Elton T. Lott, when asked How are you? A simple reply, "I'm blessed of the Lord and highly favored." 

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